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Hello! Thank you so much for visiting!


I'm Sherrhonda Denice and I LOVE to write! Two of my spiritual gifts are exhortation and teaching. My passion is helping people to heal and to become emotionally and spiritually wealthy. 


I write stories that allow readers to escape, immerse themselves in another world, and meet God in new places. Along the way, it is my hope that God speaks to my readers in new ways. I write characters with real-life issues, which makes for juicy reads! I promise!😉

I spent the first half of my professional career as a licensed clinical social worker. Later, I became a certified teacher with a major in English. I've taught high school for more than eleven years. My professional background has afforded me the opportunity to learn from and relate to people from all kinds of backgrounds. It has also taught me to enjoy life to the fullest!  When I'm not writing, you can find me cozied up with a good book (I read a variety of genres, but I'm a sucker for happy endings😍), traveling, or spending time with loved ones. I'm also a low-key investment geek!


I teach adult Sunday School, as well as Christian education courses at my home church. I count it a blessing that God has entrusted me with these ministries and uses my "real-talk" personality to accomplish His will. In addition, I still develop and run workshops relating to mental and behavioral health. I will be releasing my first non-fiction title this year (because I can never stop being a therapist! LOL). Connect with me and stay tuned!

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