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Yes! David Kent Cole is Back!!!

A Man's Love
​Is love enough?

David Kent Cole, the handsome, Harvard-educated, street-bred phenom is back. Having spent the last year of his life in rehabilitation, fighting to rebuild everything he lost, after a near-fatal shooting, David finally has it all. He’s engaged to the love of his life, psychologist-turned-actress, Cherelle Dupree, and his dynamic street ministry is flourishing. Life can’t get any better for David. But there are some who wouldn’t hesitate to destroy David’s “happily-ever-after” before it begins—like Dominique Street—a stain on David’s past who refuses to let go easily. Dominique almost cost David his life once, and she’s not done yet.


Then there are dangerous enemies from the streets surrounding David’s church who are seeking revenge on David and his ministry for turning neighborhood teens away from gangs and drug-dealing. These diabolical forces unleash calamity in David’s life and precipitate an unimaginable tragedy that leaves David and Cherelle torn apart, causing their love to be tested beyond measure.


Is David’s love enough to hold them together through what might be their greatest hardship?  

A Man's Heart
God was his first love, until she came along...

David Kent Cole is one of the most sought after ministers and speakers in the country. The handsome, Harvard-educated and street-bred phenom, is every woman's dream. Focused on his relationship with God and his commitment to turn a city around with his revolutionary way of delivering the Good News to young people, David never expects to fall in love. But when the sexy and boisterous Dominique Street walks into his life, David realizes that it will never be the same.


Dominique is the ultimate game-changer. While David has a passion for serving God, Dominique has an affinity for crime—fighting that is. Dominique's career as a S.W.A.T. officer is just as deadly as her beauty. Even more lethal are her secrets. Captivated, David steps out on a limb into an uncharted territory of seduction and danger that he's never experienced before. But loving Dominique could cost David everything—his ministry and his life.


Will David return to the safety of God's love and recognize God's true provision for him before it's too late? Who can truly know the depths of a man's heart?


When your life is falling apart...

Debra Prince-Myles' happily-ever-after is a lie. When her marriage is shaken to the core by an affair, Debra soon discovers that life and love are not the picture perfect illusions she envisioned in her fairy-tale. To escape her rapidly crumbling world, she plunges herself into her job as a social worker for troubled teens and meets three young women with problems that only God can handle. But trying to save them seems just as hopeless as saving what's left of her marriage.

Now, Debra is forced to rediscover herself in a way she never imagined, and make life changing decisions that will forever alter her perception of "real love." As she struggles to keep it all together, can Debra hold on to the one thing she can't live without?

Turning toward God meant turning away from her daughters...

More than sixteen years ago, Dr. Genevieve lived in a down-spiraling world of drug addiction and self-destruction. She left that world behind to find completeness in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. But in leaving that word, she left behind what was most precious to her--her two little girls. Now, Genevieve's past has come back to haunt her when her adult daughters, Sandy and Josette, inadvertently find her after sixteen years.


Chronic depression and mental health issues have plagued Sandy since her teens, while Josette's best-kept secrets have destroyed her marriage and turned her world upside down. These two dysfunctional beauties find themselves slipping deeper into a whirlwind of chaos as Sandy searches for happiness in the arms of a charming stranger, and Josette struggles with losing the love of her life.


In order for these women to find God's peace and build a future together, they have to confront the pain of their past. But in doing so, they unknowingly set out on a journey that none of them is prepared for. 


Only God knows the way to true forgiveness and wholeness. Can they find it together by trusting and following Him?

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