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My Writing & Experience

I specialize in Christian, inspirational, and personal development content creation. I also write on the following topics: parenting, mental health, education, self-care, family relationships, financial literacy, and business.

In addition, I can provide copywriting for your business-to-business or business-to-consumer needs.

I have a strong writing background with a master’s degree in social work from Wayne State University and a master’s degree in Teaching from Oakland University. I have over 25 years of experience writing and editing professional content. I also have over 10 years of experience as a high school English teacher, and I have served as a writing coach and editor for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as business professionals.

"I promise to provide CPR! Service that's Creative, Professional & Relatable."

This is what you'll get when you work with me:

√ Individualized Attention

√ Content that will first align with your values

√ Timely delivery of your content

√ Passionate writing that is thoughtful and engaging

√ A writer who listens to what you need and works hard to deliver

√ Time to do other things while I write for you.

I’ve Got You!


My number one priority is helping individuals and companies reach their goals, by providing creative, professional, and relatable content that connects them to their audiences!


Your brand vision is important to me. Tell me what you envision for your project and together, we can make your dreams come to life! My commitment is to get it right!

Writing Services

Content Writing  ✦ Ghostwrititng ✦ Copywriting

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Content Writing: Blogs, Articles, Social Media Posting

Engage your audience and keep them coming back for more! Upgrade up your website, blog, newsletters, articles, and social media platforms with writing that draws readers in with your message and makes them feel connected!

  • Your minimum investment for a short 300-500 word post is $250 

  • Your minimum investment for a medium 550-700-word post is $350​

  • Your minimum investment for a long 750-1200-word post is $600

  • Your minimum investment for an extended 1250-1600-word post is $800

***extensive research and/or interviews will incur an extra fee

Ghostwriting: Novels, Non-fiction, Short eBooks

You’ve always wanted to write a book, let’s do it! With masterful storytelling, I can bring your ideas to life and create a polished manuscript.

Non-Fiction book projects

  • Are billed for approximately 30,000-40,000 words

  • Your Minimum Investment is $36,000 (3 installments of $12,000 over a 90-day period)

  • This includes research and four 30-minute interviews

Fiction book projects

  • Are billed for approximately 40,000-50,000 words 

  • Your minimum investment is $42,500 (4 installments of $10,625 over a 120-day period

Short eBook projects/"freemiums"/downloadables

(Self-care guides, Life coach material, How-To's etc.)

  • Are billed for approximately 2500 words

  • Your minimum investment is $2,250

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Image by Daniel Thomas

Copywriting: Marketing Material

Slogans, taglines, sales pitches? I’ve got you! Make your product(s) stand out with memorable content that screams "BUY ME!" to customers. Boost your brand identity with socially and emotionally crafted brand stories that connect your customers to your company’s purpose and garner repeat sales.

  • Your minimum investment for a slogan or tagline starts at $500

  • Your minimum investment for a brand story starts at $1500

  • Your minimum investment for a White paper starts at $5000

  • Your minimum investment for core web pages, such as “About” and “Services” is $500 per page.​​ 

Important Notes

***My price list was created to give you a general overview of my prices, including ranges where possible. Prices include research, (except where indicated) Scripture references, communication via email, collaboration, and feedback with you to ensure I am providing optimal service.

I generally do not attend company meetings or Zoom conferences outside of my initial consultation. If this service is necessary, I bill at a rate of $200 per half hour, which is due prior to the meeting.

I strive to be competitive. Ultimately, each client’s needs vary, and pricing depends on the scope of each individual project. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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