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If you are looking for creative, professional, and relatable content, you've come to the right place!

"I was blown away."

“Sherrhonda was very astute at listening to my thoughts and ideas, then creating a creative and well-researched piece. She was a consummate professional who adhered to all deadlines and produced excellent writing. I was blown away.” 

K. Moore, writer

Services received: Ghostwriting, writing coaching

“When I’m writing, Sherrhonda is my go-to for feedback, comprehensive editing, and story collaboration. She is a unicorn because she can write in almost any genre and make it feel real.”

L. Allen, Sci-fi Writer

Services received: story collaboration, coaching, comprehensive editing

"God has anointed and gifted Sherrhonda to help bring forth the gifts of others."

"God has anointed and gifted Sherrhonda to help bring forth the gifts of others. She helped me to produce a book that had been in my head for over 20 years. Her expertise helped me to publish a polished book with proper syntax, grammar, and sentence structure, while maintaining a reader-friendly tone that connects with my readers.” 

A. McGresham, author and speaker

Services received: Ghostwriting, collaborative writing, coaching, and comprehensive editing

"She's the best!"

“Like so many other people during the pandemic, I realized that I was called to do something different with my life—something more, so I started a spiritual sportswear company. Sherrhonda helped me to explain my “Why.” Some call it a brand story, I call it great writing! She put into words what I was feeling in my heart. My customers know exactly what my brand represents and are proud to wear it. You won’t be disappointed. She’s the best!”

N. Womble, CEO of Then What, LLC

Services received: brand story development, website copy

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