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We have a tendency as humans to romanticize the past and live in former times--the good old days. What I've learned over the years is that sometimes, all the good old days weren't so good. We've just convinced ourselves that they were. Living in the past robs us of being "present" in the present. For the new year, I'm praying that each one of God's saints would embrace the present with prayer!

We should live in constant expectation of what God is presently doing in our lives and what He is going to do in the near future. My former pastor often used the phrase "with tiptoe anticipation" when talking about trusting God. Through prayer, we can expel the "what if" fears from our minds and rest in the knowledge that God has a GREAT plan for each of us! The phrase, "I'm living my best life" should apply to everyone, not just those who are materially wealthy or who have received an answer to prayer. Even if you haven't received an answer to your prayer yet, you can STILL live your best life, knowing that God is in control and that He LOVES you and wants the BEST for you! That makes the life you're living RIGHT NOW your BEST life! What God is doing in the present is AWESOME even when we can't see what He's doing.

The last two years of my life have been extremely rough due to losses and situations that just didn't work out the way I planned. For a period, I found myself living in the past and focusing on the distant future, because I felt that anytime period had to be better than my now. But you know what, as I began to pray and spend more time with God, I begin to focus on the here and now. I would ask God to use me each day, bless me each day, help me to be what He wants me to be each day. This helped me to shake of depression and disappointment and embrace the fact that walking with God is my BEST life. Sure, it can get better! The word best is relative. Think about it your best ten years ago, certainly can't hold a candle to your "best" today. Why?

Simply because you've grown and learned some things you didn't know ten years ago. Hopefully you are wiser and more spiritually grounded.

As we step into a new decade, expect great things from God--even the small things! Live with the surety that a life with God is your BEST life! From my family to yours, I wish you peace, love, and blessings for 2020! Enjoy!

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